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Part of this philosophy prof's philosophy is to stage hit and run comments on other writers' work (https://medium.com/discourse/what-palestinians-want-for-jews-03bd1df351f4) and then close discussion:

"Wow, a Medium account dedicated to bigotry against an ethic group. Pathetic waste.

Some human reality for those not consumed by bigotry:"

"The author has closed discussion for this story. We are unable to save changes to your response. Learn more."

Just another Jew-hating Brit who thinks it's his remit to talk in double standards doublespeak about Jewish self-defense while deafningly silent about Muslim-Muslim mass murder in Darfur, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Eritrea.

With its 1939 White Paper shutting down Jewish immigration to mandatory Palestine just before the Shoah, Britain earned its citizens' condemnation to eternal silence about Jewish conduct.

Heard from Columbia, Wall Street and my alma mater, UCLA Hamasophilia protests:

"Death to America!"

"I love Osama. I'd like to suck his dick!"

"Oct 7 is about to be every day for you."

"I'm going to do to you just what they did to all the (Israeli) soldiers on Oct 7."

"Not 1000 more times, but 10000 more times."

"Yes, we're all Hamas!"

"We don't want no two states. We'll take all of it!"

"Yahoodim, yahoodi, fuck you! Go back to Poland!" shouted to Jewish students walking to their dorm rooms.

"Al Qassam's next target>>>>"--pointing to students with Israeli flags.

This is just a small sample.



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