Living under Article Five's umbrella in Latvia, I was later than you in forecasting the war: February 14 (

What year on February 24? Since you have a young son, I expect long after me.

February 24 is an interestingly revolutionary date:

1. Paris' 1848 revolution broke out, triggering Europe's Springtime of Peoples' revolutions.

2. The 1988 anti-Armenian pogrom in Sumgait, Azerbaijan the first violent outbreak of the nationalism genie that the USSR could not bottle back up again.

3. Cuba's war of independence began in 1895.

4. Estonian independence day.

Many thanks for reading.



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Lester Golden

From Latvia and Porto I write to share learning from life in 8 languages in 5 countries & seeing fascism die in Portugal & Spain in 1974 and 1976.