Lester Golden
1 min readApr 20, 2024

It was those leaders, including Cairo-born KGB creation Arafat, who said their national identity was just a tactical invention.

I listen to Palestinians through the Palestinian Policy and Survey Research organization. Listen to what they support: https://pcpsr.org/en/node/963

If Gazans starve it's because Hamas seizes most of the aid, taxes it and then it gets sold on the open market at exorbitant prices. As Abu Marzouk said from Doha: "the aid is for the fighters. What's left will go to the people. The attempt by some residents to take the aid, like what happened today in Rafah, will be met with full force. The people must give everything for the resistance. They shouldn't steal the fighters' food."

Same for the tunnels: https://www.memri.org/reports/hamas-official-mousa-abu-marzouk-tunnels-gaza-were-built-protect-hamas-fighters-not

Want a rational debate? Start by listening to what Palestinians and their leaders say they want.

On Oct 6 there was a ceasefire. If Hamas surrendered and returned the hostages Gazan civilian deaths would cease tomorrow.

As usual since 1948, if the Arabs stopped fighting, there would be no war. If Israelis stopped fighting there would be no Israel. But that's what you want.

Lester Golden

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