I suppose you believe the Prigozhin prison recruitment video, the videos of 12 hour queues and traffic jams at Russia's last open land borders, and the sold out flights to Istanbul, Yerevan, Tbilisi, Belgrade and Dubai are also fake.

When the war started tens of thousands of Ukrainians rushed home to join up to defend their country, not because the West threw them at Russia. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of talented and educated Russians ran in the other direction to get out, and many more are running again to escape mobilization into Putin's cannon fodder serf army.

You, Putin and his Siloviki mafia have decided who's Russian without asking them. Poll the bombed out Russian-speaking inhabitants of the Kharkiv metro, Sloviansk and Kramatorsk's train station to see if Russian-speaking Ukrainians want to join Russia. The mass protests against the occupiers in Kherson in early March also tell you to separate language from national identity. My Russian-Latvian wife and her whole Russian speaking extended family have no wish to join Putin's and your Russkiy Mir fantasy world.

Why are you so attached to this fantasy of Russkiy Mir victimhood while enjoying the opportunities offered by life in the "decadent" rule of law west of Londongrad) you would never have in Russia. It poses an interesting question about the psychology of how expats incubate narcissistic nationalism to compensate for their sense of ambivalence, loss and displacement.

Demilitarized Latvia? My former Riga Business School student leading a Latvian National Guard training unit is hardly demilitarized. He just had a child. So you don't want to go to war with him.



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Lester Golden

From Latvia and Porto I write to share learning from life in 8 languages in 5 countries & seeing fascism die in Portugal & Spain in 1974 and 1976.