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  • Chris K. N.

    Chris K. N.

    Curious about philosophy, philanthropy, technology & spirituality. Believe in humanity, democracy, opportunity & creativity. Bored by triviality.

  • Mats Larsson

    Mats Larsson

    Top writer in BUSINESS and INNOVATION. Swedish business and sustainability consultant with focus on opportunities in the transformation to a sustainable future.

  • Dr John Frederick Rose

    Dr John Frederick Rose

    Love poetry, forests and my garden. Amateur cook eliminating processed food from my diet. Editor and top writer in poetry. Research systems engineer.

  • Eugenio De Lucchi

    Eugenio De Lucchi

    Contrarian perspectives.

  • Max Khusid

    Max Khusid

  • Derek Jiang

    Derek Jiang

    With my technologist background, you’ll find me discovering with new energy solutions, sharing personal finance learnings, and drinking coffee.

  • Shin Jie Yong

    Shin Jie Yong

    Aiming to improve scientific literacy in this age of information overload and mis/disinformation, especially on controversial and polarizing topics.

  • David Sackman

    David Sackman

    Wherever I go, I am where I came from. Always a stranger in a strange land; yet always home. I claim no land, but take responsibility for all land.

  • Thom Hartmann

    Thom Hartmann

    America’s #1 progressive talk show host & NY Times bestselling author. Thom’s writings also appear at HartmannReport.com.

  • Janine Sickmeyer

    Janine Sickmeyer

    Founding Partner at Overlooked Ventures

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